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About Us

Raphael Nwokike (Ralph) was called to the Nigerian Bar in 1993 as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. He practiced Law in Nigeria  for many years  prior to  immigrating to the United States. Mr. Nwokike is a  Citizen of the United States.

He was sworn in as an Attorney in 2002  and was  licensed to practice Law by the Supreme Court of Washington State. He has served in  various Bar Committees listed in the Washington State Bar Association’s  Website. He  is also  a member of Washington State Association of Justice (WSAJ).

In  2003, Mr. Nwokike  set up his  Law  Practice. Mr. Nwokike  has represented Diverse Clients in the areas of Laws identified on this website  with proven results for more than  19years in the State of Washington.

He has experience in Civil Litigation and works mostly as Plaintiff’s Attorney. Depending on the civil case, he does defense work.  He has represented and continues to  represent  diverse Clients at the Superior,  District and Municpal Courts   across Washington Counties including arguing a case before the Washington State Court of Appeals, Division 1,  in 2011. Mr. Nwokike has also worked with Appellate Counsels at the  Court of Appeals Divisions 2 and 3 on his  Clients cases.  He  is also  licensed to practise before U.S Federal  District Court,Western District,  Seattle,  Washington State.

Mr. Nwokike is an experienced Immigration Attorney and has been in practice since  2003.  He continues to represent  Clients on their  Immigration cases before the  U.S Immigration Court in Seattle, Washington-for those subjected to Removal/Deportation Proceedings. He has represented and continues to represent diverse  Clients at  the Local Offices of the United States  Citizenship & Immigration Services(“USCIS”)  Service Centers across the country, appeared and continues to appear for interviews with them   with proven results. These  Clients are able to  Adjust their Status, received Permanent Resident Cards(Green Card), live and work  in the United States. Many of his Clients who applied to become United States  Citizens  have been able to Naturalize  as Citizens.

Also, Mr. Nwokike has experience representing Accident victims (Auto cases), slip and fall , Premises Liability  cases resulting in injuries by seeking appropriate damages for the Clients. He has litigated auto cases for those Claims that were denied by Insurance Companies  on behalf of the Client and many of his Clients recieved reasonable  compensations.

As an experienced Family Law  Attorney, Mr. Nwokike continues to  represent  Clients seeking Dissolution of their marriages (divorce), Child Support, Spousal Maintenance, Modification of Child Support, Anti-harassment, Petition for Protection Orders  and Domestic Violence Protection Order(DVPO).

Mr. Nwokike is a passionate, considerate, diligent  and reasonable  Attorney. He is honest with Clients from the onset- starting with the initial meetings/consultations to evaluate their cases. He provides Clients  with  the  best advice  to help them  make informed  decisions on the next line of actions   to  take regarding their cases.

Mr. Nwokike has a Masters Degree in Public Administration from DeVry University, Washington State.


We are Legal Problem Solvers. In solving these problems, we methodically identify our Clients’ real interest,objectively determine possible solutions and select the best approach after reaching consensus with our Clients. We are experienced in the areas of laws that we provide Legal Services- from the first Client’s meetings/Consultations to the conclusion of our representation. 

We have the Experience and Legal expertise, yet, we never lose our focus on the individual. We pride ourselves on providing quality Legal Services to our Clients in a compassionate manner. We have Legal Experts or Professionals willing to advise and work with us in making sure the services that  we provide are of the quality that our Clients deserve.